Age of Machines *My Interesting Story I came up with*

Age of Machines *My Interesting Story I came up with*
Post by: WhovianBunny - March 19th, 2016, 9:15:37 am

In a never ending war in the sorta near future, Is the war between Machines and Humans. When the planet would be inhabitet by Machines very soon, There was a rebellion of humans The Leader, A Teenage kid named Xavier, His best friend Josh, Xavier's big brother Connor, and the only two adults in tat rebellion, Adam, and Jason. They kept fighting knowing that it might just be suicide trying to fight, they still had some hope and kept fighting to save humanity which was hiding on Mars at the time. Xavier was riding on his hover board looking for the main base which was miles near their Big snow cave, Then hiding in plain sight was a couple of their robot raptors which were the machine's basic soldiers for fighting for vengence over the robot/machine racisim. So Xavier got out one of his razor Blades and sawed down one of the raptor's jaw and body in half then getting injured by one from behind who was Scratching and Cutting him trying to kill him Xavier then got out a Shotgun and shot off two of the robot's Heads off as they disabled. Then Xavier, Being not really that smart, Found a button with a foot print that only a raptor could push and fit its claw in, so after Xavier got into the snow base he explained the weird clue that he found, then Adam thought and getting out his scanner said they should all go and look at it knowing that it might be a clue, or even a activation key to finding the factory or even the Program Robot itself in the base. So they went out and looking at his scars ,Josh grabs his arm and torso and puts bandages over it. Jason looks at the raptors and grabs off one of its arms and gives it to Adam. Adam gladily grabs the arm and and puts it inside of the little hole in the ground and it opens the portal to the factory which seemed like it wasn't so close after all, they found the machines and the non activated but mass produced raptors and destroyed the machines and deactivated the belts right before the raptors could activate, Hearing the the network sends its guard raptors after the, hearing the loud footsteps connor places mini mines on the hall floor waiting for the raptors to explode, as they did, the they ran to the main base where the network robot then sends secret mini robots to activate the non activated raptors so they can terminate the group. The network bot sees the group and starts shooting its many laser guns around the room and shoots Jason and Josh. Being angry, Xavier jumps at the guns near the bot and shoots them as Adam, and Connor shoot the rest. Angry as crap the Network Robot Starts shooting at Xavier, Adam, and Connor While the two distract the bot Xavier goes behind and saws its head and body off as the bot is about to explode they quickly grab their fallen friends and run out through the portal then run to their base and see as the robot base was closer then they thought explodes, the three then return to mars and mourn over their friends' deaths. They Barry them and have a funeral, but what they don't know is that the network has secretly sent itself to a moon base while the bot was just a base commander on earth to control that planet while the machines have all conquered Jupiter and Mercury. The Network will return and plans to head for Mars where the network knew and knows where the Humans are hiding. This Story may be over But It WILL BE CONTINUED!!!!

Age of Machines *My Interesting Story I came up with*
Post by: WhovianBunny - March 19th, 2016, 9:16:02 am

This has not happened on cubebuilders, just a fun little story

Re:Age of Machines *My Interesting Story I came up with*
Post by: Lollylou - March 20th, 2016, 1:14:15 am

I rate the story 9/10 for the extremely long sentences. Also for the one giant paragraph.

Age of Machines *My Interesting Story I came up with*
Post by: WhovianBunny - March 21st, 2016, 8:46:36 am

like it ah? well stay tuned for my future stories

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