The Old Days of CB: Skyblocks Story

The Old Days of CB: Skyblocks Story
Post by: MNM1O1 - January 7th, 2017, 5:57:05 am

Skyblocks was a very fun server honestly, and CB's infinite world made it a blast, however I feel like it's become much less fun now due to changes made to the system, allow me to explain myself, Factions is about raiding and war/alliances between factions, that's it's identity and what makes it interesting compared to other survival-esc servers. Skyblocks is about a small island in the sky and trying to survive on it, but it's not as competetive as Factions so it comes off as more relaxing, so wouldn't the apeal of it come from being casual or something new all together? Allow me to explain the old days.

So going back to our previous story, web had just got out of griefing and decided to play Skyblocks, the infinite world plugin was exciting for all Skyblocks players! It was a revolutionary plugin that made the server stick out more then any of the other servers! web decided to take action and make a skyblock which included Me, Him, ArcaneSword, and Poptartsislove. ArcaneSword and Poptartsislove eventually stopped playing as much though, but web was determined, he first made a cactus farm to make plenty of money and beat the competition into the ground, but it turns out it was nerfed which is pretty reasonable I suppose, (sidenote: web was hacking in this server to fly around and such, he said it saved time and made things a little easier because making things like cactus farms take a looooonnnggg time other-wise. I'm not going to defend this though.) so after a while of making our island much larger, web found a new way of making good money, nether warts, this is the case in almost EVERY other minecraft factions or Skyblocks server, Nether warts are seen as a hard to achieve item because they grow in the nether and are also seen as too expensive because of soul sand, however, they can be sold for a hefty price, so web made a HUGE nether wart farm, our money grew VERY VERY fast, we became top of the leaderboard in no time, he had broken the economy, he didn't tell anyone of course because then everyone would be doing it. (Note: In web's mind what makes things like this fun is finding an exploit and becoming all powerful compared to competition.) So we eventually began to expand even more, we tackled INSANE projects like making an ocean and getting a chest full of Notch Apples! We hit the big time! Money was plentiful so at times we simply gave it away to others, looking back it seemed like a giant business almost, however web's arrogance grew too large and he crafted a sign next to the nether warts from exclaiming that the nether wart farm is broken and the staff are fools for not taking notice, Karow teleported herself to the island often and discovered this sign, nether warts were nerfed and web was stripped of all of his money, he whined patheticly at the staff about this, like a huge sad pathetic baby. he decided to leave skyblocks and hand the island to me, I wasn't all that productive so I just kinda ran around in it and occasionaly sold some things, the hype of breaking the system had all but vanished. I can't defend web's arrogance and the fact that at times he went too far, but I must admit that it was very fun.

Skyblocks was very very very broken in it's economy, and it was good that it was fixed, but soon after Personal Space and Factions were simply much better, and it is all but abandon today, no I'm not saying that we should re-break the economy, that doesn't really fix the problem at all. Soooooo what then? How are we to make it interesting so it can keep up with the other servers? Well, this is what I think, we felt like a giant business when we broke the system yeah? Maybe Skyblocks should take a business route to it's system, after all, simulators for business and politics are awfully fun, so what if we made it so everyone had a different price for buying and selling on everything? This would need to be balanced but consider how much trade people would want to go through in-order to find themselves powerful, if handled right, if heavily thought about, we could turn Skyblocks into a server where people make an ABSURD amount of money! A server where people will challenge themselves to make something magnificent! A server where you could make a statue of yourself out of gold once you've made an automated farm that can really get the job done! Is this a risk? Yes, but Skyblocks is not doing too hot right now is it? People are bored with it for the most part, grinding is irritating and boring if you can't automate it efficiently. Is it incredibly hard to code? Probably, but I see a future for this server, we must take leaps and bounds of creativity so we can really stick out! (well, Siggi will be doing pretty much all the coding.... But you get the point.) We can turn Skyblocks into a revolutionary server that far surpasses Personal Space and Factions! I may expand on this idea later on Suggestions.

But yeah, that's the skyblocks story, it's too bad that web got arrogant, I had a really good time while it lasted though.

(EDIT: I forgot how insanely enthusiastic I was about that idea... Like holy crap, I guess I just REALLY want an economy simulator of sorts, lol.)

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