The Old Days of CB: Road to inevidably getting ban. (hacking stories)

The Old Days of CB: Road to inevidably getting ban. (hacking stories)
Post by: MNM1O1 - January 3rd, 2017, 2:31:40 am

Well the polls tell me CIO stories so I guess I'll rant about that now, that entire ordeal was such a trainwreck.

So at this point in time I occasionally joined CB just to play minecraft chess with ArcaneSword, no one ever really said much about either of us so we had next to no reputation, I was just joining the server again to once more play chess against ArcaneSword so I called him, once he added me web was there too and they were laughing like maniacs seeming proud about what they had done, I asked what the heck they had done and they had me carefully tpa to the scene of the crime, they had both griefed on alt accounts on the same plot (this made the job of finding out who griefed and fixing it harder), the moderator told everyone to stand back so he could investigate so ArcaneSword used nuker and got ban for a good laugh, It didn't seem all that interesting to grief and I didn't understand clients so I didn't bother to join them in there teenage beyond the law adventure.

The next time a grief happen when I had actually known about it, I had a friend in the server but still not much reputation, from what I had known about the people at this time is that most of them were really young and really cringey. So I joined them in one or two griefs, it was funny at times and guilt trippy at other times, web had actually named the griefing group at this point and it was known as "Chaos is Order", he said he came up with it while playing factions, it was so over the top and cult-like that it came off as funny to me.

I had never really griefed much but when I did I went for those who were most cringe, I mostly just sat back and watched web and sometimes ArcaneSword grief a plot, the server was starting to fall apart from the amount of griefing that was going on (from other hackers aswell), Siggi88 RARELY joined and the staff were stressed, then a few people grouped together to make some sort of anti-griefing fighting team..... Not even the staff wanted it, the anti-griefers were entirely useless because they didn't do anything to actually prevent the griefing, if anything it actually challenged web to grief the heck out of everything he could. I went on an alt and started spewing CIO crap to enrage people as web tried to find somewhere to grief and it was pretty funny actually. I still barely cared for the community and almost never went on the forums, I saw CB as a server that was pretty much already dead, and honestly it was. The Owner never joined, Akiraff needed a new computer, and the other staff were left to be really stressed out.

Eventually we got really bored of griefing because people knew better then to just invite someone out of nowhere at this point, so web quit and ArcaneSword occasionally joined to play minigames, I mostly roleplayed with PoptartsIsLove (that roleplay is still going but it's private. lol), I had minor conversations in the chat but it didn't really help the cause much, people were still pretty annoying and the only players I had a bit of respect for was the staff, this is when Kneesnap happen and the server was in RUIN, the server went through a ton of crashing and deleting etc etc, so Siggi had to restart the entirety of Creative and gave us a Gold rank so we wouldn't rage quit, every player was rebuilding there stuff and then Kneesnap came back and made everyone infinitely crash, Siggi joined, ban him, and started to fix the server's hacking problems making it much less breakable.

I started to like the server a lot more at this point, web came back to make a skyblocks world and his instant goal was to become the top island, eventually we got to 2nd best island and couldn't surpass this one guy, that's when the new skyblocks was released and we all moved there

Now that staff were back and everything was under control I liked the server quite a bit, after a while of getting to know the community a bit more I went to make a staff application, web said that this was a perfect oppertunity to break the server again but I didn't care about that anymore, I got a bit more social and decided not to ever use clients unless in singleplayer through a lot of this.

web reached number one in money and island power but that's another story, eventually his money was taken away because a sign that was dissrespectful towards the staff and nether wart exploiting (nether wart exploiting was awesome tho ;-; ). (the bulk of this story is for another time)

web decided to go back to griefing but not much damage was done, then he tested out a hack where he made a book by "Siggi88" ripping on him and all the other staff for drama, I wasn't comfortable with this at all. Later that day he decided to just hack and play minigames for some fun before getting ban because he was using his main account, I felt more at ease about this approach because I didn't really have to betray anyone this way, so I played with him on minigames while he was easily winning for fun. A moderator (I don't remember his name sadly) logged on to minigames and so web told a lengthy story about everything which I didn't actually bother reading, I was in a call with a friend just talking about it. After web was ban I went to creative and ran around to pass the time hoping they wouldn't make any attatchments between me and web in all this... Well duh they did, Karrow ban me for being associated with him, her proof being that an alt account that was ban for griefing was attatched to my account, that alt account was used almost a year before being ban though so I thought of it as unfair because I had changed my mind about hacking, when I was trying to explain myself I had sprinkled a few lies in but that was just plain idiotic, why even bother lying when all it is going to do is make you look like an even worse person before being permanently ban from the community.

And that was it, I was ban from the forums so I couldn't make an appeal, I lost my roleplay plot so I couldn't go back to a place that started an entire friendship(that friendship later developed into a relationship), and I felt like a horrible person for a while. I was pretty angry at web for a while but never really yelled at him or anything because I don't care for drama, what only added to it is Karrow ban my brother and sister because of the possibility of me logging on to there accounts.

I got over all of it after over time but still missed CB a little, 6 months or so after that everyone's bans were appealed because of a new system, I took advantage of this inorder to see all my old plots, web took advantage of this to log on to the server and do... Actually I have no idea what he was doing, he was using his main account and joined personal space so he wasn't going to check on skyblocks and he wasn't planning on griefing, so I think he was just kind of there? Idk. Siggi said it wasn't a glitch and everyone's bans were appealed (I believe he said that included Kneesnap which shocked me, but I guess it makes sense because he couldn't do anything), I didn't fully get back into the community until a long while later though because I didn't want to screw anything up.

Now I'm back though, was all that stupid and overdramatic? YES. YES IT WAS. I WISH IT DIDN'T HAPPEN BECAUSE IT WAS REALLY FRIGIN STUPID! But it's frigin over and no one gives a flying crap! WOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!

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