The Old Days of CB: Dumb Arguments/Drama

The Old Days of CB: Dumb Arguments/Drama
Post by: MNM1O1 - December 30th, 2016, 2:30:42 am

Before I get to the story itself I'd just like to mention this, "The Old Days of CB" will probably be a forum series I am doing just to tell stories of things that happen 1 - 2 years ago, anyone can make there own "The Old Days of CB" post if they want seeing as that's pretty much what you all already do, but eh, let's create a random Community and bring people back to the Story section of the Forums.

So unless you just now joined Cubebuilders or something, you are aware that once upon a time MANY people got triggered at the smallest things before Triggered was even a meme, people complained about the dumbest crap. I remember one time someone was salty and was having an argument with someone so I called them butthurt as a small joke (Remember kids, anything that is even remotely jokingly mean to someone WILL be taken as an insult to there entire well being and belief), that person then said that butthurt sounds stupid and asked why I made it up......... Wow, that was something I had never heard until CB, I corrected them by saying it was an internet term but they didn't believe me despite the fact they could probably look it up on google and find that it is in fact a word, so this person and the person she was arguing with decided to take offense to this and ban me from there plot as well as muting me, I wonder how many other people they muted due to the smallest argument, lol. Now there were many others that I don't quite remember but most of them were either about roleplays or personal drama, so then I decided to become the mocking voice of reason in the server that nobody liked, that was fun but I ended up stopping and being nicer to people, the drama was still plentiful but I wasn't really involved in most of it until a skyblocks ordeal, not sure if I should include that in this segment seeing as that argument seemed somewhat reasonable from both sides rather then just being a dumb argument.

I didn't have too many examples, the butthurt one just stood out to me the most, but if you have any stories about dumb arguments in the past then send a reply of one or make a post of your own telling this story, should be fun.

Have a good day good sir/madam.

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