Required Report Criteria (READ BEFORE submitting a report!)

Required Report Criteria (READ BEFORE submitting a report!)
Post by: SiggiJG - February 29th, 2016, 1:17:04 pm

Required Report Criteria

If you catch someone breaking the rules of CubeBuilders, please do submit evidence here! It helps us catch rule breakers and enables us to prevent them from causing more damage to CubeBuilders.

I know, more boring words for you to read, who likes reading these days? Nobody! That's why video games nowadays don't come with big instruction manuals anymore, instead they have an in-game tutorial, or sometimes nothing at all - you'd have to figure it out yourself. However, these rules make it easier for us to process your report and issue the appropriate punishments to the rule breaker.
Reports must meet these requirements:

* Must include screenshot evidence. Press F2 while in game to take a screenshot.
* Please submit the screenshot in PNG or JPG format. Do not submit a BMP as they are ridiculously huge files!
* Must include the date and time, as well as time zone. Not required in some cases, for example if you see an offensive structure that was built previously, and you don't know when it was built. (please see below for date and timezone format)
* In the case of offensive structures, you must include the coordinates. Write the X, Y, and Z coordinates down. You can find these by pressing F3 while in-game.
* Names need to be easy to read in the screenshot!
* Blur out chats you don't feel comfortable sharing with public. (You can use Paint to cover it with black)

If your report does not meet the requirements, we may still attempt to process the report, but without enough evidence or sufficient number of witnesses, it's not possible to issue a punishment.
Date and Timezone format
The date and time must look like this: January 3 2014, 8:30pm GMT+8
Includes the month name (not the month number), the day and year, the time, and the timezone.

This is not allowed: 03/01/2014
Because it has two meanings, it could be January 3 2014, or it could be March 1 2014, depending on how you interpret it.

You can't write a timezone like this: EST, PST, CST, etc.
Because some of them may have multiple meanings. For example, CST could mean Central Standard Time in North America, but it could also mean China Standard Time in Asia.

Timezones must be GMT+x or GMT-x.

Why must I include my timezone?
Not everyone lives in the same timezone, and we may not know the difference between your time and our time. If you simply say 3:00pm but don't include the timezone, I wouldn't know what time you're talking about. It could be any time of the day. But if you say 3:00pm GMT-2, then I would know it was 1:00am GMT+8 where I live in Hong Kong.

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