CubeBuilders Server Rules

CubeBuilders Server Rules

Welcome to CubeBuilders! Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these rules. It is very important that you know these rules.

Playing on this server signifies your agreement to the Terms of Service, which can be found at this page:

By accessing the CubeBuilders website and/or game server, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Service (link above) and to follow all our game rules. You are responsible for anything and everything that occurs on your account, it is your responsibility to keep your account secure. Failure to do so may result in restrictions being applied to your account, such as temporary or permanent removal of your ability to chat, or log in to the game server or website.

Any offences committed on your account will stand on your account even if you did not do it. If your computer is a shared computer, always logout of the Minecraft launcher when you're done playing, by opening the Minecraft Launcher again, then clicking Switch User, then Logout. If your computer is not a shared computer, make sure the screen is locked whenever you leave your computer.

All the rules are equally important. Just because a rule is at the bottom of the list doesn't mean it's the least important!

1. Be respectful to others and don't spam!

Insulting or offending other players is not allowed. Do not make other players feel uncomfortable or unaccepted as part of the community. Do not discriminate by the colour of other player's skin, their race, where they live, their sex, or their age. Remember, other players have feelings too, just like you.

Players can decide whether they want to see profanity in the chat or not, by using the /chatcensor command to turn it on or off. Do not use censor workarounds such as purposefully misspelling a censored word or replace letters with symbols, or splitting it into multiple lines, to make the censored word visible to players with the chat censor on.

Do not threaten to cause harm to anyone! Threats of DoS attacking, or threats of bodily harm, are not only against the rules here, but are also likely illegal in your country! These types of threats warrant a permanent ban without warning.

2. Advertising and sharing other servers

Unauthorized advertising in any shape or form is not allowed on CubeBuilders, including but not limited to other Minecraft servers, website addresses, or business phone numbers. If you paid for advertising, in no way does this make it okay for you to post your campaign in public chat, or on the forum. Buying a billboard sign in-game does not allow you to advertise goods or services outside of CubeBuilders. You may only advertise in-game goods or services but only if you accept in-game virtual currency as a form of payment for the goods and services.

Posting other server IPs in public chat is not allowed. You may share IPs with friends by private message or group chat. If we think you are sending a server IP to multiple players who we believe are not your friends, or if we think you are advertising the server, we will permanently ban you.

3. Personal Information

New players (less than 2 weeks) are not allowed to ask for or share personal information, such as, including but not limited to: personal phone numbers, home phone numbers, home addresses, mailing addresses, email addresses, Skype names, Kik names, Facebook profiles, Yahoo IDs, Instagram IDs, SnapChat IDs, PlayStation IDs, Xbox Live Gamertags, MySpace pages, Twitter names, BlackBerry Messenger PINs, Apple IDs, Google accounts.

Writing personal information in public chat is strictly prohibited under all circumstances. If you end up sharing personal information with other players, be warned that if you share photos using messaging apps on smartphone devices, photos taken with most smartphones and tablets are tagged with your GPS location at the time of taking the photo, and will likely be shared with people you send photos to. CubeBuilders will not be responsible for anything that occurs outside of our server.

4. No griefing! (except Factions)

Griefing outside of Factions is not allowed, don't sabotage other people's builds! Purposefully dying or killing your own team mates in a team-based minigame is strictly prohibited! Teaming with enemies in a minigame is also not allowed!

5. No mods that give you an unfair advantage! (including hacking clients!)

Use of mods that give you an unfair advantage is considered cheating! You may use mods that improve the performance of Minecraft, such as OptiFine, but other than that, please try to keep it as vanilla as possible!

6. Don't abuse bugs for an unfair advantage!

Do not abuse bugs in the game, including bugs in Bukkit, and Bukkit plugin, and the underlying Minecraft server itself. Depending on the severity of the offence, a bug abuser may receive a temporary ban and have all stats reset, inventories and enderchests emptied, or may be permanently banned.

7. One account per player! (No alts!)

Do not use more than one account. Only one account per player is allowed. Alternate accounts are not allowed under any circumstances.

Account sharing is permitted. However, that account is still considered a single person on the server, and punishments will stand even if the offence was not committed by the primary account owner. You are responsible for anything and everything that occurs on your account.

Players using shared accounts are not allowed to apply a staff position, even if all other users of the account don't play on CubeBuilders.

8. Don't impersonate staff!

Do not impersonate staff members on CubeBuilders. Telling other players that you're a staff member when you're not one is strictly prohibited. Changing your name to one similar to a staff member is also strictly prohibited, and will result in a temporary or permanent account ban and a name ban (requiring you to change your name to something else before coming back if your account ban was temporary).

Players who are found to be in violation of any of our rules will receive a punishment. This may be in the form of a mute, or a ban. The type of punishment given is up to the staff team. In the event that a player has been permanently banned from the server, all items on that player's account, including items in inventory and enderchest, all CubeTokens, purchased donator ranks, and all other items related to the account are forfeit and may not be transferred to another account. Real money used to purchase items on the server will not be refunded. Access to these items may or may not be restored if a permanent ban is reversed for any reason, however the decision to restore access is entirely up to the staff team.

While CubeBuilders allows users to post User Content, including images and comments, you should be aware that User Content is not reviewed by CubeBuilders before posting and does not necessarily reflect the views of CubeBuilders. CubeBuilders will not be responsible for any content posted by our users.

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