The Lore: Part I of III

The Lore: Part I of III
Post by: OrzaRound - September 25th, 2017, 5:07:45 am

Chaos is Order. A phrase that frightens the old players. A Hacker and/or a griefer. Fear. A hacker was born. But that's a different story. We're talking about something similar but different. Alternate Timelines. Noone understands them, some don't believe them and some learn about them. But they exist. This is the story about the alternate timeline and Chaos.
In this alternate timeline, Siggi88, Akiraff, or barrelracerme didn't exist. No, CubeBuilders is the work of someone by the name of Kneesnap. CubeBuilders was a ghost town. Noone joined. And for a very good reason. Joining that server, even having it in your list will cause you to get hacked. At that time, Siggi didn't go on CubeBuilders but a part of Tech Support. Barrel worked with Mojang. Kneesnap was planning his next scheme. He wanted to hack one of Mojang's members. And of course, he picked barrel. Barrel panicked.


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