The Friends I Wish I Had Again

The Friends I Wish I Had Again
Post by: androosu - April 20th, 2017, 3:09:54 pm

Plz dont ban me for talking about banned people. This is my point of view, please respect it like how I would respect yours. This is a true story on my life :)

Once upon a time, a 10/11 year old named TheGabbyGamer came on the server. She was pretty introvert (that means kind of shy) and didn't have many friends. Finally she found a server she liked and settled down. She broke out of her shell and made friends. Her friends included xBOOYAHx, AzzaOwns, Kiwiu, Mod_Gui, DeltaFlagRocker, slimestein, and even Jessie_Lyn13. How did this introvert get so many friends you may wonder? These were nice and they actually respected others. By the way I am just pointing out there isn't many people who knows what respect is. And one by one they started disappearing. She looked all over the forums trying to see if they left, but had no luck. She eventually quit the server all together because she lost all her friends.

A couple months later she came back. Checking around, only DeltaFlagRocker was to be seen. She did /phistory trying to see what happened, and saw that xBOOYAHx, AzzaOwns, and Kiwiu got banned. Mod_Gui, slimestein, and Jessie_Lyn13 all left. She checked the /phistory on the others and saw they got banned for things she didn't understand. And she was a decently smart kid. She had another friend ActualSpace. But he left too. After a while she got pretty depressed. She stayed to her own personal space and the only thing she saw was her pixel art. She loved it. And then she left again. Coming back only weekly, she had no friends now. No one to be there at 2 am on skype for fun. No one to talk to. And she never was the same.

Sorry for being dramatic, but this is my experience. Share your experience here to.

Re:The Friends I Wish I Had Again
Post by: MNM1O1 - May 11th, 2017, 11:40:31 pm

You had them on your skype contacts right? You could still at least talk to them through there (unless you never added them I suppose.), all the banning has caused mostly the respectful people to stay because they know not to break the rules, some of the less respectful people have grown into respectful people as well, with some exceptions *cough* GECKO *cough* (jk XD), so I'd say if you wanna talk to your old friends and such use skype or look into why they were ban so you could attempt to defend them. Don't be afraid to open up again there are some good people here. xP

Re:The Friends I Wish I Had Again
Post by: JeSuisAsh - January 14th, 2018, 5:07:36 am

This story is so saddening. I know about all the bans and leaves. I was a friend of slimestein, not really anyone else on your list but it broke my heart to see everyone leave.

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