Blood: chapter 2

Blood: chapter 2
Post by: StativeSpencer - December 22nd, 2015, 10:34:33 pm

Masako, and Sayoko walked through the hall together. It was the same as the countless other times they walked together, yet it seemed different, everyone seemed quieter.
"Look." Sayoko whispered. "That man over there, Ive never seen him before."
Masako turned too recognize the man that her friend was pointing to. He wore a black coat, and glasses covering his eyes, with jet black hair curling down to his shoulders.
Masako then turned around. "Come on we need to get to class.

As the two arrived at their class they noticed that all the light were dimmed. In the front of the room they saw the man they had encountered in the hall.
"My name is Gregory Lowthe, and I will be acting as your new instructor, any questions, no, good."
Masako turned to Sayoko who looked as confused as she did.
"Sir?" Sayoko asked. "What happened to our teacher."
"He died. Now may I continue with the lesson, without interruptions?"

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