The Tales of OblivionEmpire

The Tales of OblivionEmpire
Post by: Yvetal123 - November 27th, 2015, 12:13:07 am

Lol im not even sure if I should be writing this after 4 out of the 6 people who voted turned us down but ehh here goes. (correct me if im wrong Quantum)

We had started out as a faction called ELECTR0TITANS. We were in the nub faction stage at that point ( however illuminis, bacon, and Demisle might still think we are still nubs). I hadnt even become part of cubebuilders at this point. It was with jambuzz06 and some other members. Then the fateful dtown2002 got invited. He insided the faction completely. Then I started to come along. I joined ELECTR0TITANS. We had formed another base. With jambuzz, me, theprofilename, and some other member I dont remember. Then we once again got raided because our base wasnt protected. Then we decided to create another base. We were quite building up and becoming better at that moment. We had even let loose on adding some new recruits. Like yayis123 and her boyfriend(im pretty sure). At that point we landed like a couple raids. The a person named ratcoolhawk got into our base through a guy named silverguy62958. Then we once again got raided, base torn up and everything. We were baseless at that moment.

Now let me tell you about our rising age. After having our base raided we still had to make our faction big again. So, we decided to create a sky base. It was a marvelous base. Fine and all. We started constantly landing raids. We named ourselves the InfiniteEmpire. We started to let people join our faction more ( Though I was not liking that ) We were rising gathering plenty of resources even Noobninja and Drakwatch said we were pretty big ( although I dont know if they were being sarcastic ) So then we got insided (sort of) by someone named Texasninja. I then hated texasninja. Most of us did (those skyblock days). So our faction was left with jambuzz, me, theprofilename, silverguy62958, and some other people. we thought we could recover from the raiding. But then some clumsy person named silverguy62958 (later known as Mastercrew53, the Dillerthepvper, then Robopro22, then Mecoboss15, and then frytat) tped Jagisaboy on. We killed him a lot, but he set his home there. It eventually let pslamp69 and Sterlings5 in and then our base went buhbai. We were torn. And then at first I didnt know ster but now I was starting to fear this dude. So we tried to recover by building an underground base.

And here comes our hiding age where we werent such a big faction. We built an underground base, it wasnt too good but it worked. We were then recovering our lost faction and just living a faction life. Then we decided to make another sky base. But at the moment later, I got in an argument with jambuzz, and then we got mad at each other ( mainly I was mad at him because I lost it so bad and I couldnt accept it ). So I told the cords to our bases but they never raided them surprisingly. Then jambuzz blew up the bases himself. We eventually resolved this conflict and built a new base. Then we were kinda living in our base. Then we made a big mistake. We used to be friend with chinabug so jambuzz invited her to our faction. Then shortly after people got access to our base ( HMMMM I WONDER WHY ) and they basically made our base look like "an enderdragon went through it"( Sterlings5) but we did achieve 1 thing after being raided, we killed patman96, but he wasnt staff at that time but :D.

Now comes then another recovery stage of our faction. We named ourselves then the OblivionEmpire. We made a new base after being raided by Illuminus. We made it grand and pretty strong. It was only me and jambuzz. It was a recovery stage of the faction. We were gathering resources and adding to our new base. Having arguments with other factions, getting threats etc. But we were still growing and starting to become big again. We got frytat to join back and some trusty members to. We then eventually invited Bradmaster into our faction and let him into our main base.

And here it comes, the Golden Age of our faction, In our new base it was basically indestructible. We had a good system and we were thriving very well. Then we landed our major raid, taking out Illuminus ( but I guess that was a more thing to ruin our reputation than help it because we did it unfairly) but even though doing the raid unfairly, we landed two raids that day also. We struck down Velocity, then attacked PhoenixDrop. Then we started having even more raids. We found spikes old island which isnt that much of an achievement but then we found waffleNationz a technically abandoned faction but still had some loot left. Then we whooped the skrub faction herocaydeniscool by killing soccer and raiding him :D . That added to our golden age. Then recently we raided Kämpfer took some dia armor, aids to making more god sets, and a lot more stuff. I sense our fall is coming soon, but the golden age is still worth enjoying as the pages are still being written...

Re: The Tales of OblivionEmpire
Post by: Oaad - November 27th, 2015, 5:28:15 am

Well written, my friend.

Re: The Tales of OblivionEmpire
Post by: Jerio - November 27th, 2015, 6:33:09 am

I love "choose your own ending books". However, it sounds like this one could end up being a "have other people choose your own ending" book too, which makes it all the more exciting to me.

- Jerry [Illuminus]

Re: The Tales of OblivionEmpire
Post by: BradmasterX - November 27th, 2015, 2:14:40 pm

"Then the fateful dtown2002 got invited. He insided the faction completely." XD, What faction was he in at the time. Let me guess, TheCaveMen? XD XD XD raided by Donovan (dtown2002) rofl.. Ok, well I love knowledge, cant get enough of it. So I love that you wrote this to give people a back story of the faction most people hate today.

Re: The Tales of OblivionEmpire
Post by: PaleoPath - November 29th, 2015, 2:37:36 am

Lol! The word "unfair" still has "fair" in it in my book xD However it was pretty well-written with some things being left out but I have to say, I would have forgotten about ELECTR0TITANS if you hadnt brought it up. My first faction was with zozaki when I was a noob both to Minecraft and Cubebuilders in Factions 1 (those good old days...).

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