The Great Piano ~Trailer~

The Great Piano ~Trailer~
Post by: Poptartsislove - November 10th, 2015, 4:57:15 pm

[left][/left] A Girl, sat in a window, she had long brown hair. Rain dripped down the window to a veiw of trees outside.
Rain repeatedly dripped at her face, she had gray eyes, and she seemed to be somewhat short. She was wearing a brown hoodie, and some jeans and socks. She reached out to the rain.

???: "This is a beautiful veiw, but I want to see better." She smiled and her face slightly went dark. She climbed back inside of the building shutting the window, taking off her hoodie. She began to walk into a old run down room filled with a bunch of junk. She seemed to be searching around for something. "Cmon! Where are you?" Then she saw something silver in the corner of her eye, and she smiled as she walked to it. It was a lever. She pulled it down and the entire room cleaned up and a large Piano, with rainbow keys appeared in the corner. Then on the roof She saw a large starry swirl, moving. Then she looked at a plack that said "Lunas Study."

Geeettting off the topic of the story....
Id like to know what you think xP I am thinking of making a short chain of stories around Lunas adventures. This is more of a experiment though so I MAY not go through with it.
Re: The Great Piano ~Trailer~
Post by: BradmasterX - November 11th, 2015, 2:12:00 am

Cant wait to see what will happen next! Good Job

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