Share your Series (SyS)

Share your Series (SyS)
Post by: Akiraff - March 25th, 2015, 1:17:32 pm
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Share your Series, is a dedicated thread to keep in track of our beloved community series, feel free to check them out!

Current Series
Willbob2003Live and Ender, le adventurers21 March 2015
dtown2002The story of Dtown200221 March 2015
Kawaii GirlThe Hidden Server21 March 2015
DaRetroGamerThe Dragons Eye22 March 2015
oneofakidThe Adventures of oneofakid26 March 2015
DerpehWaffleCubeLandia1 April 2015
Matthewcraft8CubeBuilders Secret3 April 2015

Updated 2 April 2015

Want to be part of SyS?

    CubeBuilders Administrator
    Re: Share your Series (SyS)
    Post by: slimestein - April 28th, 2015, 7:02:13 pm

    New series in SyS are now added.

    If you want to have your series in sys please contact a moderator+ in game and we will add it
    same if you have more episodes of the series than whats said here.

    Happy reading and feel free to make new stories!
    (Nore: cleaned post from outdated posts)

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