money making methods

money making methods
Post by: 948 - February 12th, 2016, 2:43:45 am

So a lot of people want to make money, right? well, I think I have found the perfect ways to.

people ask me all the time how I make my money. so, here it is.

it involves a fortune 2,3, or other pickaxe.
so you go to a mine, and mine everything you can get your hands on. even coal, iron, and all of the ores. and once your done, sell them all! keep nothing (exept diamonds)

another way is to kill a ton of people. like do pvp wars. but thats a risky way. I do not suggest doing it that way but if you are confident about it, go for it.

another way is do all out raid people. get all your best friends to help you raid bases. I love this way because it is fun trying to find openings to peoples bases. and, it can benefit you in not just money, but nice items.

my 2nd favorite way is to do the obsidian method. thats where you mine a ton of obsidian, and make deals with people. I like to put up affordable prices so people want to buy it more. I have sold about 20k worth of obsidian in the past week or so. and now Im on the baltop :D

Those are some ways to make money on factions! hope they work. comment if they work! I like to make my methods better! :D


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