The spawn in factions.

The spawn in factions.
Post by: slimestein - December 31st, 2015, 1:40:11 pm

The new spawn that has been in factions now for some time was built by me and Pockett with some help from Siggi88.

When I built this spawn i hid 5 secret rooms, I know at least one has been found
they all have different themes.
First one has sandstone blocks inside of it (this one is easiest)
Second one has slime/seaprismstones in it
Third one has a parkour (not the parkour over the portals)
fourth one has golden blocks
And the last one is a small room of dirt.
(fourth and fifth i think will be hard to find)

So if you find any of those rooms you got 3 alternatives, either you dont tell anyone or you can screenshot put it here without telling where it is, or you can screenshot and tell everyone (such rood much wow here)

Happy Hunting!

(Disclaimer: Im not responsible for your deaths)

Re: The spawn in factions.
Post by: BradmasterX - December 31st, 2015, 3:41:47 pm

I know the gold one has been found cause Ive been there... Found Parkour

Re: The spawn in factions.
Post by: Phantomette - January 1st, 2016, 5:11:25 am

Found everything but the dirt room, and I dont know if I found the right parkour room

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