ItzKikz hacking

ItzKikz hacking
Post by: NJRoberts13 - July 13th, 2016, 4:43:22 am

I tried to 1v1 ItzKikz today, (7/12/2016) and I have a recorded vid of him safezone bypassing, then he says there was a new update where you have 20 secs or something, but in the vid you can clearly see he hit me for well over 20 secs more like 34 to be exace, the website keeps saying there is a video error, I think it is too long is there an email I can send it to, thanks NJRoberts13

Re:ItzKikz hacking
Post by: patman96 - July 13th, 2016, 6:10:55 pm

ItzKikz, please do not reply to other people's reports unless you are a witness to the offence and are claiming you saw it as well or you are reporting the same person for something else. Your post has been removed.
NJRoberts, when you are hit in a warzone and go back into a safezone, you have to last 15 seconds (I don't think it's 20) without being hit before you cannot engage in PvP. If you are hit within these 15 seconds, the timer will restart and you will have to try to survive 15 seconds again. Because no real offense has been committed I will be locking this topic. Thank you for your concern.


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