Larger Creative Plots!

Larger Creative Plots!
Post by: SiggiJG - February 2nd, 2014, 10:44:45 am

Good Day to all you CubeBuilders out there!

Today, we have increased the size of creative plots from 32x32 to 64x64. This should give you more space (Thats 4 times more space!) to get creative. Plots now expire after 60 days instead of just 14 days.

Since creative plots are larger now, each player will only be allowed a maximum of one plot. Donators can have up to six plots. To become a donator and get six plots, visit The CubeBuilders Store to upgrade to a donator rank.

Hey! What about my old plots?
Your old creative plots are accessible with /warp oldcreative, followed by /p home. Do not unclaim your old plots, as you will not be able to claim them back! You can ask an admin to extend the time on your old plots to 60 days.

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